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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about our company and services. If you have any additional questions or requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed.

Product Features

What is Sortext?

Sortext is an AI-driven ecommerce conversion platform engineered to convert first-time visitors into paying customers. Sortext enables online businesses to double the number of first-time buyers, boosting average order values, conversion rates, and ecommerce revenues by more than 15-20%, all without necessitating any technical modifications or additional investments in their web stores.

Why is Sortext used?

Sortext is used to address the common problem of low conversion rates among first-time visitors in ecommerce. Despite comprising a significant portion of web traffic, these visitors frequently exit web stores without making a purchase.

Leveraging advanced AI technology, Sortext uniquely identifies and engages these potential customers, increasing conversions and ecommerce revenue.

Where is Sortext used?

Sortext is a versatile solution that can be effectively utilized across all ecommerce websites that feature coupon code functionality and a tag management system. Sortext seamlessly integrates into a diverse array of web stores, whether they are based on universal ecommerce platforms or are custom-built on the Shopify platform.

By harnessing the power of AI technology, Sortext significantly enhances the conversion rates of first-time visitors. This leads to a remarkable increase in average order values, conversion rates, and overall ecommerce revenue, all without the need for additional technical modifications or investments.

What does Sortext do?

Sortext functions as an intelligent sales assistant within web stores. As soon as a first-time visitor arrives on the site, Sortext promptly identifies their spending power and likelihood of making a purchase.

If the visitor tends to leave without a purchase, Sortext immediately steps in by presenting personalized deals that slightly exceed their spending capacity. These time-limited offers, individually crafted for each visitor, effectively entice them to prolong their stay on the site and engage in higher spending.

How does Sortext function?

Sortext follows a systematic five-step approach to transform first-time visitors into paying customers:

1. As soon as a visitor arrives at the web store, Sortext swiftly identifies their spending power and conversion probability.

2. It continues to track these visitors as they browse product pages, identifying when they are likely to exit without making a purchase.

3. At this crucial moment, Sortext immediately intervenes by presenting limited-time, personalized deals that are valid 20-30% above the visitor's spending capacity.

4. These tailored deals entice visitors to stay longer on the site and spend more.

5. Consequently, Sortext seamlessly increases conversion rates, average order values, and overall revenues, without requiring any technical modifications or additional investments.

How can Sortext benefit my web store?

Sortext can provide substantial benefits to your web store. Sortext specializes in converting first-time visitors into paying customers, and it can potentially double the number of initial buyers in your store.

This results in a significant enhancement of your average order value, conversion rate, and overall ecommerce revenue, by at least 15-20%. Sortext achieves these gains effortlessly, without the need for any technical adjustments or additional investments, making it an effective tool to enhance your online business performance.

What are first-time and returning visitors?

First-time visitors, commonly known as new visitors, are individuals who access your web store for the first time using a specific device. Each distinct visit from a different device is classified as a first-time visit. Conversely, returning visitors are individuals who have previously engaged with your web store.

To monitor the visits of each visitor and device, a unique user ID is generated, and this ID remains valid for a period of two years. As a result, if a visitor returns to the store on the same device after an interval of more than two years, they are once again considered as a first-time visitor.

Why is it difficult to convert first-time visitors?

The difficulty in converting first-time visitors stems from their disproportionate influence on ecommerce revenue. Despite representing a substantial 70% of web store traffic, they contribute merely 20% to the revenue. Conversely, returning visitors, making up 30% of traffic, generate an impressive 80% of ecommerce revenues.

This disparity is primarily attributed to the scarcity of data on first-time visitors and the lack of efficient tools to convert them effectively. Consequently, the primary challenge for ecommerce businesses is to successfully transform these first-time visitors into paying customers.

Why is it important to convert first-time visitors?

The importance of successfully converting first-time visitors stems from their significant presence, representing more than 70% of web traffic, yet contributing only 20% to revenue.

Considering the substantial investments required to attract high-quality traffic, the inefficiency in converting first-time visitors directly impacts the profitability of ecommerce businesses. Therefore, the effective conversion of these visitors into paying customers is crucial for optimizing returns and strengthening overall profitability.

What makes Sortext unique in converting first-time visitors?

What sets Sortext apart in converting first-time visitors is its exclusive focus on this specific visitor segment, which constitutes a substantial 70% of web traffic but is often overlooked by traditional ecommerce conversion tools.

While other solutions, such as customer data platforms and remarketing tools, excel at targeting the 30% of returning visitors, Sortext adopts an innovative approach. It offers data-driven, intelligent, and personalized solutions tailored specifically to convert this larger group of first-time visitors, resulting in a significant increase in average order values, conversion rates, and revenues.

How does Sortext use spending power in its deals?

Sortext harnesses the power of AI to swiftly identify the spending power of first-time visitors as soon as they land on a web store. With this valuable knowledge in hand, Sortext strategically presents time-sensitive, personalized deals to those visitors who are on the brink of leaving without making a purchase.

These deals are carefully tailored to match the spending capacity of each visitor, effectively enticing them to extend their stay and increase their spending. As a result, this approach leads to a significant enhancement in the store's conversion rate, average order value, and overall sales revenue.

How does Sortext use conversion probability in its deals?

Sortext utilizes a sophisticated approach for conversion probability. It begins by accurately identifying the likelihood of conversion for first-time visitors. Then, it tracks them as they browse product pages until their conversion probability drops to zero.

At this precise moment, Sortext introduces time-sensitive, personalized deals. By carefully timing these offers and directing them exclusively toward visitors who need that extra incentive to convert, Sortext ensures efficient allocation of financial resources. This strategic approach results in a significant boost in conversion rates, maximizing the effectiveness of the deals.

What sets Sortext apart from other solutions?

Sortext sets itself apart from other solutions through its three unique features:

1. First-Time Visitor Focus: Unlike many solutions that primarily target returning visitors, Sortext specializes in converting first-time visitors. This segment represents a substantial portion of web traffic often overlooked by other tools.

2. Spending Power-Based Deals: Sortext takes an innovative approach by identifying the spending power of first-time visitors and tailoring deals to match their financial capacity. This personalized touch encourages visitors to increase their spending.

3. Conversion Probability Consideration: Sortext employs a data-driven approach considering conversion probability. It strategically introduces deals when visitors' conversion probability drops to zero, signifying that they have essentially become lost visitors. This approach ensures efficient resource allocation and minimizes financial waste.

These unique features collectively make Sortext a powerful tool for enhancing ecommerce conversions.

What industries does Sortext serve?

Sortext serves a diverse range of industries, providing support to over 100 ecommerce businesses across various sectors.

Some of the industries it caters to include Apparel and Fashion, Book and Stationary, Beauty and Cosmetics, Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Home and Decoration, Luxury and Jewelry, Toys and Gifts, and Travel and Tourism.

Sortext has established a notable client base, serving renowned brands such as Mediamarkt, Teknosa, Daikin, Watsons, Gratis, Turkcell, Arzum, Atasun Optik, Silk and Cashmere, SPX, and Solaris. Its flexibility and adaptability make Sortext a valuable partner for businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

How does Sortext identify first-time and returning visitors?

Sortext differentiates between first-time and returning visitors through the use of a local cookie specifically placed on your web store. Unlike third-party cookies that operate across different websites, Sortext's cookie is limited to your site, ensuring compliance with personal data protection regulations.

The process of identifying first-time and returning visitors begins when Sortext is integrated into your site. Initially, there may be variances between Sortext's visitor detection and that of Google Analytics. However, these differences usually align and become consistent within a few weeks. This approach ensures the precision of visitor classification while adhering to privacy regulations.

Can Sortext be used for returning visitors as well?

Sortext can be used for both first-time and returning visitors. By default, its AI algorithms are optimized for first-time visitors.

If you wish to utilize Sortext for returning visitors, please inform us, and we can happily make the required adjustments for the Sortext Web App. For the Sortext Shopify App, you have the convenience of adjusting this preference directly on your dashboard.

Technical Integration

Is Sortext compatible with my web store?

Sortext is compatible with a wide range of ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Elementor, Yo! Kart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion, PrestaShop, MyDukaan, Wix, IdeaSoft, Ticimax, and T-Soft.

If you have a universal web store with a coupon code infrastructure and a tag management system like Google Tag Manager, our technical team can swiftly set up Sortext Web App on your store.

If you have a Shopify store, the Sortext Shopify App offers a more convenient solution. It can be directly installed from the Shopify App Store, seamlessly integrating with your web store. This compatibility ensures that Sortext can enhance your ecommerce performance regardless of your chosen platform.

Does Sortext require any technical changes to my web store?

Sortext seamlessly integrates with your web store without requiring any technical changes. If your store has coupon code functionality and a tag management system like Google Tag Manager, our team can easily integrate the Sortext Web App into your web store.

For Shopify-hosted web stores, the Sortext Shopify App offers a user-friendly option. It can be installed directly from the Shopify App Store, making it a straightforward choice for Shopify users.

What data does Sortext use to provide its services?

Sortext utilizes different data sources for its Web App and Shopify App. The Sortext Web App relies on data from your Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager accounts. This data enables a customized approach to enhance your store's performance.

On the other hand, the Sortext Shopify App directly integrates with Shopify's APIs to access the necessary data. This ensures a seamless and efficient data utilization tailored to Shopify stores.

In both cases, Sortext strictly adheres to personal data protection regulations, ensuring that no personal data from your store is accessed or processed.

Does Sortext impact the loading speed of my web store?

The Sortext JavaScript code is less than 50 KB in size and is fully asynchronous. This means that it runs independently of your web store and is loaded after your web pages have finished loading. As a result, Sortext does not impact the loading speed of your web pages.

Additionally, Sortext is hosted and served by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a top-performing internet service provider (ISP) and content delivery network (CDN).

Does Sortext conflict with other conversion solutions?

Sortext is strategically designed to increase the conversion of abandoning first-time visitors. It seamlessly functions beside other conversion solutions that may already be in place, as it focuses on a distinct segment of your audience.

There is no conflict, contradiction, or competition between Sortext and other conversion solutions on your web store. Instead, Sortext complements them, contributing to a comprehensive strategy to maximize overall conversion rates.

How does Sortext integrate into my web store?

Integrating Sortext into your web store is a straightforward process that requires no IT effort. For the Sortext Web App, our team will add a JavaScript workspace to your Google Tag Manager, completing the integration in just one day, without any code injection into your store. You can conveniently manage Sortext through Google Tag Manager.

As for the Sortext Shopify App, integration is even simpler. You can install it directly from the Shopify App Store, enabling instant use on your Shopify-hosted web stores.

How does Sortext set up and function in my web store?

Setting up the Sortext Web App on your web store is an easy process. Our AI system will need access to your Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager accounts to collect and analyze your data. Following this, our system creates and suggests customized campaigns targeting first-time visitors, which we present to you for review and approval. Once the campaigns are approved and set up on your platform, Sortext becomes active, boosting your store's performance.

For the Sortext Shopify App, the setup is even more simplified. Upon installation from the Shopify App Store, it seamlessly integrates with Shopify's APIs, enabling our AI to work directly with your Shopify data. This allows for the creation of effective campaigns aimed at engaging first-time visitors. This user-friendly integration ensures quick setup and immediate campaign deployment for Shopify stores.

Who designs the coupon visuals for my web store?

For the Sortext Web App, our design team will craft custom coupon visuals tailored to your brand and target audience. You'll have the opportunity to review and approve these designs before they are used in your campaigns. These coupon visuals are carefully optimized to ensure they display flawlessly across all devices, enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates.

As for the Sortext Shopify App, you can design your coupon visuals directly within your Sortext Shopify App dashboard. This feature enables you to create personalized coupon designs that align with your brand and seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store.

When will Sortext be active on my web store?

For the Sortext Web App, once our team completes the integration, you can activate Sortext from your Google Tag Manager. You may start experiencing its benefits such as higher average order values, conversion rates, and revenues within just a few days.

As for the Sortext Shopify App, activation is within your control after you install it from the Shopify App Store. You can quickly start experiencing the advantages of enhanced performance in your Shopify store, with noticeable improvements in a short period.

Performance & Pricing

What level of performance can I expect from Sortext?

Whether you choose the Sortext Web App or the Sortext Shopify App, you can anticipate a significant boost in your store's performance.

Both products are meticulously designed to effectively double the conversion rates of first-time visitors. As a result, you can expect a noteworthy increase of 15-20% in average order values, conversion rates, and overall ecommerce revenue.

How can I track Sortext’s performance on my web store?

Tracking Sortext's performance on your web store is simple. For the Sortext Web App, you can conveniently monitor performance data within your Google Analytics platform, enabling real-time assessment of Sortext's impact on your key performance indicators and revenue.

Similarly, for the Sortext Shopify App, tracking performance is easy. The dedicated dashboard within the app retrieves data directly from Shopify, providing clear insights into its effectiveness in your store.

Does Sortext offer a free trial? Sortext offers a 14-day free trial for both its Web App and Shopify App, without any setup or fixed fees. During this trial period, you can evaluate Sortext's impact on your average order values, conversion rates, and revenues using transparent reporting and A/B testing. This empowers you to make an informed decision about whether Sortext aligns with your ecommerce strategy.
What is Sortext’s pricing model? Sortext's pricing model is entirely performance-based for both its Web App and Shopify App. This means there are no fixed fees or obligations. Instead, you only pay a success fee calculated based on the additional revenue generated by Sortext. This transparent pricing approach ensures that you only pay for Sortext based on the measurable value it brings to your ecommerce business.
How is Sortext’s success fee calculated?

The success fee for Sortext is calculated based on the additional revenue it generates for your ecommerce business, through the use of Sortext coupons on your web store.

For the Sortext Web App, this additional revenue is outlined in the Sortext Report within Google Analytics. For the Sortext Shopify App, this report is generated within the app using Shopify's data. In both cases, the success fee is calculated as a percentage of these additional revenues.

Are sales returns deducted from the success fee calculation? Sales returns and cancellations are common occurrences in the ecommerce industry and are beyond our control. Therefore, they are not considered or deducted from Sortext's success fee calculations.
What are the invoicing and payment terms for Sortext?

For the Sortext Web App, success fees are calculated monthly and invoiced on the last day of each month, with a 15-day payment term. Payments can be made through bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal.

For the Sortext Shopify App, success fees are automatically calculated and collected by Shopify in accordance with your monthly Shopify payment method and schedule.