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Sortext offers a transparent, flexible, and performance-based pricing model for both Sortext Web App and Sortext Shopify App. You can use Sortext services without any fixed fees or obligations and only pay for the value it brings to your business.

  • • 14-Day Free Trial
  • • Easy Integration
  • • Transparent Reporting
  • • Flexible Pricing Model

14-Day Free Trial

If you're considering Sortext for your business, we offer a 14-day free trial for both Sortext Web App and Sortext Shopify App, with no setup fees or obligations. After the trial, you can assess the impact of Sortext on your web store through product-specific reporting and make an informed decision about its continued use.

Easy Integration

Incorporating Sortext into your web store couldn't be simpler. If you opt for Sortext Web App, our technical team ensures a smooth setup in just a single day by adding a JavaScript workspace to your Google Tag Manager. No additional coding is needed. For Sortext Shopify App enthusiasts, installation is as straightforward as downloading the app directly from the Shopify App Store.

Transparent Reporting

You can monitor Sortext's performance in real-time using transparent metrics. For Sortext Web App users, custom Google Analytics reports offer precise KPI tracking. Sortext Shopify App users can find immediate reporting right on their Shopify dashboard. These metrics not only provide insights but also serve as the basis for calculating the Sortext success fee.

Flexible Pricing Model

Our pricing model is strictly performance-based, eliminating any setup fees, fixed costs, and obligations on your part. Following the free trial, you'll transition to a 5% success fee, calculated exclusively on the additional revenue generated by Sortext coupons in your web store. This allows you to freely engage with Sortext and pay only for the extra revenue it generates.

Flexible Pricing Model Based on Performance

Sortext Web App

14-Day Free Trial
Custom Integration
Custom Design
Google Analytics Reporting
Email & Video Support
Setup Fee
Fixed Fee
5% Success Fee
★★★★☆ 4.5/5 Rating
Sortext Web App is a perfect fit for businesses on all ecommerce platforms, offering flexible integration and customization to meet your unique needs.