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Sortext customers achieve 2X higher first-time visitor conversion than the industry average, thanks to our platform that entices new visitors to stay on the site and shop by offering personalized, limited-time deals based on their spending capacity.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Tahir YıldızGroup Head of Ecommerce & Marketplace
“We’ve seen great results since implementing Sortext on our web store. Not only did we convert more first-time visitors into customers, but those who used Sortext coupons during their shopping spent 17% more on average. This has led to a 7% increase in our ecommerce revenue overall.”
Meryem DemirEcommerce Group Sales Director
“Since implementing Sortext, we’ve experienced a significant boost in our conversion rate and average order value. This has directly contributed to an increase in our ecommerce revenue. Sortext helped us increase our conversion rate by 17%. In addition, shoppers who used Sortext coupons spent 44% more on their carts.”
İlyas KaracaEcommerce & CRM Director
“We have significantly improved our ecommerce performance since using Sortext. Our conversion rate has increased by 16%, and our sales revenue has increased by 18%. Additionally, customers who used Sortext coupons spent 25% more on average. Overall, Sortext has been an excellent solution for us.”
Alper EkmekçiEcommerce Channel Manager
MediaMarkt Turkey
“After implementing Sortext, we experienced a significant boost in our conversion rate. Sortext helped increase our ecommerce conversion rate by 9 to 12% across various product categories by converting new visitors who were about to leave our site without making a purchase.”
İlyas ErişmişFounder & CEO
Hediye Sepeti
“We have been partnering with Sortext for the past two years and recently conducted A/B testing. The results showed that the group with Sortext activated generated 23% more ecommerce revenue compared to the group without it. Additionally, users who utilized Sortext coupons spent 58% more on average.”
Selçuk KöksalFounder & CEO
“Sortext has helped us boost our ecommerce conversion rate by 10% and increase our sales revenue by 16%. Additionally, we’ve seen that visitors who use Sortext’s personalized coupons in their shopping spend 48% more on average.”
Tuğba BayburtluoğluFounder & CEO
Makarna Lütfen
“We converted more first-time visitors into customers by using Sortext, resulting in a higher average order value and a significant increase in our ecommerce revenue. Sortext coupon users provided an 11% higher average basket value. Overall, Sortext increased our ecommerce revenue by 16%.”
Ali Rıza ÖzkanEcommerce Manager
Daikin Turkey
“We have found Sortext to be highly beneficial for our web store. It has helped us boost our average order value and ecommerce revenue. In fact, customers who used Sortext coupons in their shopping spent 47% more on average. Overall, Sortext has contributed 7% to our ecommerce revenue.”