Real-Time Personalized Offers for New Visitors

Imagine an automatic tool that already knew your new visitors’ spending power and conversion probability the moment they landed on your e-commerce site through search engines, and should they intend to leave without making a purchase, was able to generate the right convincing offer to the right visitor at the right time.

Powered by advanced text mining and artificial intelligence technology, Sortext provides a personalized, optimized, and limited time offer to each abandoning new visitor in real-time, and helps you convert them into paying customers. Thus, Sortext gives you the best advantage over your competition with significantly increased average order values, conversion rates, and revenues.

What You Can Expect


Increase in
Average Order Value


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Increase in
Per Session Value


Increase in
E-Commerce Revenue


Convert New Visitors into Customers

The biggest challenge of online retailers is converting their new visitors into paying customers. Today, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the primary lead generation channel for e-commerce businesses. However, the average conversion rate of the extremely costly search engine advertising in the e-commerce industry is below 2%.

Our vision is to convert each new visitor landing on e-commerce product pages through search engines into paying customers. If you’re looking for an innovative solution for your e-commerce business to increase new visitor engagement, boost sales, and decrease customer acquisition costs, then Sortext is ideal for you.

What Our Customers Love the Most

Never Miss A Visitor

Re-engage abandoning new visitors and convert them into paying customers with personalized offerings in real-time.

Optimize Visitor Experiences

Optimize new visitor experiences and drive interaction with highly-personalized offerings, layouts, content, and navigation.

Drive Customer Engagement

Deliver personalized and enjoyable experiences in real-time to drive new visitor engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Improve Lifetime Value

Auto-optimize campaigns in real-time to build long-lasting experiences with new visitors and improve the lifetime value of customers.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Products

Target new visitors who are more likely to buy, and upsell and cross-sell products with customized and optimized offerings.

Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency

Lower customer acquisition costs, increase ad spend efficiency, and drive conversions across all sales channels.


Why Use Sortext

Sortext is a unique campaign personalization and optimization solution that helps e-commerce businesses to significantly increase average order values, conversion rates, and revenues. For each new visitor landing on an e-commerce product page through search engines, Sortext instantly detects the expected Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CR) of the visitor, and should they act to leave the site without making a purchase; provides a personalized, optimized, and limited time offer that encourages them to complete their purchases immediately.

Easy to Integrate

Sortext is very easy to integrate, and it doesn’t require any IT efforts on your side. Sortext integrates with any online store in just 1 day by adding a simple javascript code on the website.

Self Proven Value

Sortext immediately goes live with personalized and optimized campaigns and proves its value with increased average order values, conversion rates, and revenues in 3 days.

Accurate Insights

Sortext is designed and developed with the utmost text mining and artificial intelligence technologies. Once integrated with your online store, our technology combines your data to provide the most accurate insights about your new visitors.

Open and Transparent

Our customer success management team monitors and evaluates the success of your campaigns every day to help you achieve more. You can easily monitor Sortext’s contribution in your revenues, costs, and other key performance indicators in real-time, through a simple integration with the Google Analytics platform.

Flexible Pricing

Sortext has flexible pricing models based on performance. All Sortext plans are billed monthly. However, we do also have annual plans that enable you to save money.

Dedicated Support

We provide unique consultancy and implementation services with a dedicated support team.


Meet Our Team

We believe smart minds are imperative to customer success and we love working in a team that shares this approach. Behind Sortext, there's an interdisciplinary team of executives, engineers, and marketers, with extensive experience in marketing technology.

Okan co-founded Sortext and as CEO leads the company’s strategic, executive and managerial efforts. His 22 years of executive management experience includes working as a Business Development Manager for French Chamber of Commerce (1997-1998), CEO for Imerys Minerals (1998-2006), CEO for Esen Minerals (2006-2010), and CEO for Steno Energy (2011-2012). Okan holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Galatasaray University, an MBA from Sorbonne University and a PhD degree in Finance & Banking from Kadir Has University.

Rumeysa co-founded Sortext and as CMO leads the company’s marketing and sales activities. Her 16 years of operational and financial management experience includes working as a Finance Coordinator at BMT Mining & Trading (2004-2019). Rumeysa holds a BS in International Relations from Uludag University and an MSc degree in Marketing from New York University.

Utku co-founded Sortext and as CTO leads the company’s engineering activities. His 16 years of software products designing and developing experience includes working as an Instructor at the Marmara University (2003-2012), Technical Consultant at Yonja Media Group (2006-2008), Head of IT at Ketchup Loyalty Marketing (2014-2015), Senior Product Manager at Via Fone Technologies (2015-2017), and Senior Product Manager at Kfztelie24 (2018-2020). Utku holds BS and MSc degrees in Business Informatics from Marmara University, and a PhD degree in Informatics from Istanbul University.

Yavuz is a Senior Software Engineer for Sortext, specialized in marketing technology and blockchain based cryptographic software development. Prior to joining the Company in 2017, he worked for 7 years as a Software Engineer and Software Developer for various tech startups in Cyprus and Turkey. Yavuz holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Girne American University.

Nurettin is a Software Engineer for Sortext, specialized in marketing technology and mobile payment systems development. Prior to joining the Company in 2017, he worked for 5 years as a Web Developer for Istanbul Esenyurt University, and on various independent software projects in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Nurettin holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Azerbaijan Technical University.

Serap joined Sortext in 2015 and she leads the Company's customer success management and support activities. Prior to joining the Company, she worked for 4 years as a Business Development Specialist for various digital marketing agencies. Serap holds a BS in Advertising and Marketing from Fatih University.

Bassam is specialized in digital advertising and marketing, and is a well-known management guru in online and offline marketing. Throughout his 42 years career, Bassam leaded strategic management, branding, marketing and advertising departments of many companies in GCC countries and Canada. Bassam holds a BS in Marketing from Kuwait University.


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